Creative AI Meet-up Prague // 4

Petrohradská Kolektiv, Petrohradská 13, 101 00 Praha 10

Join us for the 2024 season of Creative AI Meet-ups!

12 Feb Mon 18:30 CEST

12 Feb Mon 21:00 CEST

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This year, we’re taking a fresh approach. Building on the success of last year’s insightful sessions with speakers and research presentations, our focus is now on cultivating a vibrant community. This is where YOU come into play. Have a creative AI project you’re excited about? Eager to initiate a collaborative session, lead a workshop, or spark a community dialogue? We’d love to hear from you!

Let these meet-ups be a community driven gatherings where we share our methods, approaches, we discuss and initiate collaborations together.

Who Should Join? Our community is ideal for:
🐍 Artists, designers, and creatives integrating AI into their art and design processes.
🐍 Programmers passionate about applying their skills in creative and artistic projects.
🐍 Individuals who see AI as a tool for unconventional and imaginative purposes.
🐍 People interested in engaging in thoughtful discussions about the ethical and responsible use of AI, including feminist and alternative approaches to technology.

Our Focus:
🐍 We delve deep into the intricacies of human-AI interaction, responsible AI, and the concept of human-AI co-creation.
🐍 Our goal is to enrich creative workflows with AI, blending technology with artistic intuition.
🐍 We provide a supportive environment where like-minded individuals can share their work, gather feedback, and foster collaborations.
🐍 Our meet-ups are a learning hub where we collectively stay updated on the rapid advancements in generative AI, moving beyond FOMO to embrace new creative possibilities.

There’s a limited capacity, please register in advance!

Mark you calendars: 2024 meet-ups will take place on the 2nd Monday of the month at Petrohradská Kolektiv.
Have ideas and/or want to overtake one meet-up? Drop us an email:

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