Slow AI: Exploring Alternative AI Narratives

Petrohradská Kolektiv, Prague

Following the successful pilot in July, Uroboros Collective is excited to announce the launch of our regular monthly Creative AI meet-ups.

5 Sep Tue 19:00 CEST

5 Sep Tue 21:00 CEST

creative AI, generative AI, slow AI, community AI, AIxDESIGN

Unraveling the fabric of Slow AI and Community AI, this event seeks to deviate from the conventional AI narrative dictated by tech giants and thought leaders. As a community of creative AI enthusiasts, we gather to discuss alternative pathways in AI development born from our collective dissatisfaction with its current trajectory. It’s time to unleash our frustrations, channeling them into the fertile ground of constructive conversations. What do we aspire for in AI, beyond what we reject?

As Ruha Benjamin beautifully articulated, “Remember to imagine and craft the worlds you cannot live without, just as you dismantle the ones you cannot live within.” In this spirit, we invite each participant to contribute a beacon of hope – a project link, publication, or impactful quote that envisions a better AI realm. Prepare to share your offering, as each participant is granted a 2-minute spotlight to present their inspiration. Together, we’ll extract the essence of these contributions, weaving them into words and visuals that craft a digital garden of ideas, a moodboard of innovation. Themes and threads shall emerge, leading us into smaller group discussions, each orbiting around a distinct motif. 

Nadia Piet

Nadia Piet is a designer, researcher and organizor with focus on AI/ML, data, tech, (digital) culture and creativity. She is the founder of AIxDESIGN, holds MA in data-driven design. Previously worked as Head of Creative Technology at DEPT Agency, design researcher for emerging tech prototypes with Bit, facilitated workshops demystifying digital with DECODED, published the AI meets Design toolkit and freelanced for 10+ years across industries and continents.