Creative AI Meet-Up // 5

Petrohradská Kolektiv, Petrohradská 13, Prague 10
11 Mar Mon 18:30 CEST

11 Mar Mon 20:30 CEST

#creativeAI #generativeAI #artificialintelligence #human-AIco-creation #meetups

Join us for our next Creative AI Meet-Up, dedicated exclusively to the world of AI-generated video!

In this session, we’ll dive into our own video experiments and discuss the creative workflows we use with the latest AI video models. Expect a candid exchange of experiences, including the occasional sigh over how our creations stack up against OpenAI’s impressive Sora demo. 😅

We’re making this a hands-on, participatory event, so bring your laptops and be ready to experiment live.

There is limited capacity so please register via the link:

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Organized by Uroboros Collective:
Uroboros Festival represents a creative nexus where art, design, and research practitioners converge. Our aim is to catalyze positive change in our fragile global context through year-round research and educational activities, culminating in our annual festival.

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